About the site

Hello, fellow readers, and welcome to the Arbitrary Reading Challenge.

This blog has had a bit of a facelift since it first started. Here's what the original plan was:

"Starting with the As in the standard fiction section of my local library, I will attempt to read every 24th book I come across. Why 24? It's my favourite number, and you don't get much more arbitrary than that. I'll blog the experience, review the books and, if I'm super lucky, find a new favourite author."

However, after finding that it was becoming too restrictive (and was setting off my OCD in an increasingly painful way), I've backed away from my arbitrary challenge, choosing instead to focus on reading the stuff that I want to read. I can always go back to my challenge (I got into the Ds, so there's still plenty to explore) but, for now, I like the sound of a less formal reading pattern.

So, welcome to my Just A.N. Other Book Blog. You're welcome, Internet.


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