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Great Sense of Schumer

OMG - What a title! I'm super smart and funny.


2016 has been a generally terrible year, but it has also been the year of me reading books by celebrity women, so that must balance out some of the horror, right? I've enjoyed Caitlin Moran telling me how to be a woman, Lena Dunham making me feel better about my mental health problems, even Patti Smith reminding me of the romance of the creative life. I would recommend all three writers very highly.

What's interesting is that I'm not a massive fan of any of those three people generally. Caitlin Moran is funny but I often have to approach her columns with a massive pinch of salt; Dunham is from a liberal America that I barely recognise; Smith makes amazing music but often comes across as a pretentious prick. The lack of personal connection didn't stop me enjoying their works and is a reminder that you can admire someone's art even if you don't agree with them on many things/anything. And it was with that …