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Today, I took a load of library books back without having read them. In fact, one of them I had started and I just didn't fancy carrying on with. That one was my arbitrary read, the 24th book further along on the shelf from the last one I read. The first one I've not finished since I started this challenge a while back.

Yep, I think I'm done.

It's not that I haven't enjoyed the challenge. It's actually made me read a whole host of fiction that I would never have bothered with before. Some of it was dreadful (I do not like family sagas, I can say that for sure now) and some of it was fab (thank you, Robin Black) but all of it gave me an insight into the life of the library and the tastes of the general readership that I had never fully understood.

However, it's also slowed down my reading of other books, the ones that I've been eager to read. Over time, particularly as I've got busier with other projects, it's started to feel like a bit of a chore, …