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Marmite books

I've had a lot of reading and writing to do recently so I'm a bit behind on my arbitrary reading challenge. I have made it to the library, though, and my next book is Sweetland by Michael Crummy. 

It looks like something of a Marmite book: either people love it or hate it, according to the Goodreads reviews. Perhaps I'm a sucker for punishment, but that sounds like a good thing to me. If people have a strong visceral response to a story, it must have some emotional charge to it, some depth that intrigues or repels. Of course, there are some books that people love to hate because it's the 'cool' thing to do - "Oh, of course I would never read something like Fifty Shades" or "Isn't Harry Potter for children?" - but there are other books that just seem to polarise opinion. A Little Life is one of them: me and my friends adored it but I know others who found it pretentious and unengaging. Pretentious, it may be, but that book swept me along a…