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The dangers of hubris

It's funny how these things go.  I was really looking forward to this particular arbitrary read - 'MaddAddam' by Margaret Atwood - so, sure enough, I found plenty to dislike about it.  

As I mentioned in my preview, I've never been a diehard fan of Margaret Atwood but I did enjoy the first two books in this particular series.  In my humble opinion, both 'Oryx and Crake' and 'The Year of the Flood' are interesting and well-written examples of dystopian fiction, so I looked forward to seeing how the story concluded. 'MaddAddam' provides that conclusion, looking at the lives of the few people who survived the various plagues and disasters that ravaged the planet.  We follow their continuing attempts to survive, but also have some of the back story filled in.  It's hard to say much more without giving things away.  Suffice it to say, while there is a short blurb at the start of the book to remind you of what happened previously, you're probab…

My next arbitrary read has been chosen...

...and it is 'MaddAddam' by Margaret Atwood.

Hooray!  I'm on more familiar ground here.  While it was interesting to delve into the world of urban fantasy, I think I'm more likely to enjoy this particular outing.

'Fireborn' of frustration

I was pretty harsh about this book when I picked it off the shelf, certain that it just would not be my type of writing.  I don't often like being proven wrong but I wanted to be here; after all, there's not much fun to be had in reading a bad book.  Unfortunately, my instincts were correct and, while there were some aspects to admire, I was mainly underwhelmed.

For those who like the fantasy genre, 'Fireborn' has got a decent plot to it.  Emberly is a phoenix, a fire spirit who can take human form but also the form of a phoenix bird or pure fire itself.  She has lived many lives along with her phoenix counterpart Rory, and the reader gets a glimpse into some of these throughout the novel.  In this life, she works as a research assistant.  When her boss is murdered, she is dragged into a conspiracy involving vampires and her ex-boyfriend-cum-paranormal-detective Sam.  Although her death is not necessarily the end of her life cycle, she's not quite ready to give up t…