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The end (of 2014) is nigh...

Having been bogged down (blogged down?) in 'Ulysses' for most of the end of the year, it's quite nice to look forward to a Joyce-free start to 2015.  My final thoughts on 'Ulysses'?  I am enjoying it more in hindsight than I did when I was reading it.  It ferments well in the brain, leaving something more satisfying than the actual reading of it.  The trip to Dublin helped.  Seeing some of the key settings and spending time with the people did make sense of elements of the book that initially passed me by.  And, if I don't want to, I never ever have to read it again.  Result.

Ulysses pt. II

It seems like an age ago that I started Joyce's "Ulysses" as an attempt (possibly misguided) at reading an Irish classic before heading to Dublin.  Compared to how long it usually takes me to finish a book, it has been an age.